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Watch Closely - A Spellbinding Close-up Magic Show with Billy Reid

Friday, 14 July 2023 - 7.00 pm

Billy Reid, the Scottish Champion of Magic is bringing his spellbinding close-up magic show "Watch Closely" to Crail.

The show features stunning sleight-of-hand, modern video projection, astonishing mind-reading, and plenty of audience interaction!

Billy Reid is one of the UK's most devilishly brilliant close-up magicians. An expert sleight of hand artist, he's amazed and astounded audiences at countless shows and events across the country with his modern wizardry.

Stood in a magic shop as an impressionable 10 year old boy, Billy was captivated by a basic magic trick. Today, his mission is simple: to bring his audiences the sense of wonder and intrigue he experienced that day… A 20-year journey from impressionable young lad to fully-fledged sleight of hand Jedi master has seen him schooled by dozens of master magicians, study hundreds of specialist texts, and spend thousands of hours in painstaking practice.

Now a member of the world famous Magic Circle, his stunning brand of entertainment - delivered with charm, personality and a rapier sharp wit - makes any event a truly memorable one.

Ultimately, Billy offers an unforgettable entertainment experience - a spellbinding assault on your perception of reality where cards appear and disappear; coins transpose to impossible locations, objects levitate and minds are read… You've never seen anything like it, and it's all for your entertainment and wonderment!


Suitabale for 7 years plus

Tickets: Adults £12, Under 16 £6

Pre-booking required through


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