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Want Better Broadband? Register Your Interest Now!

The EastNeukNow project is looking to deliver a better broadband service (at the same cost as you currently pay) to homes and businesses in the area. The initiative is demand-led, so it will only go ahead if enough people sign up for it. You can register your interest—there’s no commitment at this stage—at The registration period will apparently be ending very soon, so you need to register as soon as possible, so that the demand for the service can be evaluated, prior to making the decision about whether to proceed or not. If we do get the numbers, and the project goes ahead it may help trigger some funding from government financial support. In addition, there is a commitment for some of the income from the annual subscription fees to be returned to the local community.

There’s a bit more information about EastNeukNow on the project’s web site at:

and the story about the plan was covered in The Courier in December 2020.

The company behind the project, Destination Digital, are the people who successfully delivered the CuparNow Digital Improvement District at the end of 2019

Please share the registration link with friends, family, neighbours and local businesses so that we can help to make a compelling case for better broadband services for the East Neuk rural area.

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