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Swinging Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, 21 January 2024 - 3 pm

Crail Community Hall

Edinburgh-based Viper Swing plays hot string jazz: infectious rhythms, joyful improvisations, and gravelly vocals blend to evoke the swing-era spirit of the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

Whether on a festival stage or at an intimate cocktail reception, the band sets toes to tapping, hips to swaying, and hearts to singing. Years of dedication and consummate artistry shine through every note they play.

Their repertoire includes works of the legendary gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, songs from the Great American Songbook, and original compositions—along with swing arrangements of modern pop songs (Michael Jackson, Abba, and Daft Punk, to name a few).

Meet the members of Viper Swing

Violinist and singer “Dr.” Dirk Ronneburg emigrated from the US and settled in

Edinburgh in 2012 when he joined Viper Swing. He has played the violin since

childhood and has performed professionally around the world in countless bands

of various genres along the way. In addition to Viper Swing, he currently also plays

with Nouvelle Jukebox and songstress Cera Impala. Dirk also teaches violin/fiddle,

and especially enjoys helping students discover the world of improvisation. Get in

touch at if you’d like to book a lesson.

Paul Paterson is an Edinburgh based guitarist who is widely recognized as one of

Scotland's leading gypsy jazz players. He has played professionally since the age

of 18 and specializes in the authentic Django Reinhardt sound of the 1930s. He

has played concerts all around the world.

Established musician on the Scottish rock scene as bass player and singer of

Edinburgh-based Rénovations, French-born Charlotte Pulcino used the down-

time of the pandemic to realize a lifelong dream of learning to play double bass.

Since them she performed with experts in the music of the legendary Django

Reinhardt and old time Jazz. In addition to Viper Swing, she currently plays with

Nouvelle Jukebox, The Greyfriars Society Orchestra, and occasionally with the

award-winning Tenement Jazz Band.

Originally from the Isle of Mull, guest guitarist Ross Baird is a highly sought-after

guitarist in the Scottish jazz scene. He’s played in countless bands, most notably

recently performing with acclaimed violinist Seonaid Aitken and also with

acclaimed vocalist Alison Affleck. As a former member of Viper Swing, he’s often

called upon to fill in when a guitar dep is needed, and it’s always an absolute joy to

hear him play.

Tickets £14 through

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