Scottish Tourism Alliance Impact Survey

Scottish Tourism Alliance Impact Survey STA survey: 1m vs 2m - the impact on Scotland's restaurants and accommodation providers The STA is gathering data on the potential impact of the 2 metre social distancing rule on restaurants and accommodation providers in relation to loss of employment and business viability to feed back to the Scottish Government for the beginning of next week. We have written to the First Minister today to update her on our next actions on what has become the biggest issue affecting the future of our tourism industry and have informed the Cabinet Secretary that this research will be available next Monday. The survey takes 1 minute to complete. If you are a restaurant, please complete the survey here. If you are an accommodation provider, please complete the survey here. We will close the survey on Sunday 5pm - it is vital that you feed into this hugely important piece of research which we hope will influence a positive outcome in terms of the reduction of the social distancing parameters and to support the Scottish Government's case for long term specific financial support from the UK Government for Scotland's tourism sector Subject: Tourism & Hospitality Sector Guidance - available

I have just heard that the Scot Gov guidelines are up on the Scot Gov website:

Here is the link on - which you may want to share with your networks.

For info, here is a link to UK Hospitality Guidelines as well:

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