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Pinkerton Triangle, we are in a race....

Dear All,

The project, Pinkerton Triangle for Community Ownership, is in a race. Help us along the way by donating early.

Crail Community Partnership entered the M&S Energy Community Fund Competition 2020, which will allow us to double up on the funds we raise if we are first to reach our targets.

“Crail Community Partnership-Pinkerton Triangle has been chosen as one of the 15 shortlisted projects to take part in the initiative, congratulations!”

“The £40,000 prize match-funding will be split into two funding pots. £15,000 will be ring-fenced to ensure all 15 shortlisted projects (that's you) receive at least £1,000 match-funding, subject to hitting milestone one. The remaining £25,000 match-funding will be available on a first come, first served basis to the 15 shortlisted projects subject to hitting milestones two and three outlined below.”

Milestone 1 - Raise £1,000 (from 30 supporters), receive a £1,000 match funding pledge from M&S Energy

Milestone 2 - Raise a further £1,500, receive a £1,500 match funding pledge from M&S Energy (subject to money still being available)

Milestone 3 - Raise a further £2,500, receive the final £2,500 match funding pledge from M&S Energy (subject to money still being available)

Donate here at:

If you prefer not to donate online but would like to make a donation please contact Chris Broome 01333 451136, 13 Sauchope Crescent, or Dennis Gowans on 01333 450108.

Thank you for your support,

Crail Community Partnership

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