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Liz Jones & Broken Windows live

Saturday, 3 September 2022 - 8pm

Original music makers, who have been described as “peaceful debauchery”. Unpinned by genre, they take each song where it needs to go. Their version of gutsy rootsy rock, touching the blues, folk & latin, comes from wide influences across a group of established, and some world toured, musicians. There is a great energy around the strength of their front-woman’s vocals, but this is also a band for lovers of musicianship, solos, rhythm and vibe. This is ‘band’ music. The ‘Windeas’ enjoy sell out gigs, national and local radio play, excellent reviews and a fierce home town following.

Currently gigging their 2nd studio album, Bricks & Martyrs: “Smoky Jazzy Blues Hybrid Drenched in S.O.U.L and L.O.V.E With a Calypso Kick Too”. Rocking Magpie

“It so happens that Bricks & Martyrs is a classy collection of blues/Americana/folkie/jazzy roots music that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of that ilk that Britain has to offer. I kid you not.” Blues Enthused

Members are: Jamie Hamilton on keyboards, Suzy Cargill on percussion, Gary Davidson on drums and Liz Jones on vocals. Former Blues’N’Trouble members John Bruce on guitar & Rod Kennard on bass.

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Tickets £10


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