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David Behrens

23 July 2024

7 pm - 8:30 pm

Crail Kirk Hall

Seamless and accessible jazz, Celtic, classical and South American-influenced pieces performed on alto saxophone and piano. David is a highly talented musician, artist, filmmaker and engaging performer - classically trained on piano, jazz-trained on sax… and a fine composer to boot.

During the performance, you’ll hear many of David’s own compositions, and… if that wasn’t enough, he also manages the remarkable feat of playing saxophone and piano at the same time! But wait… his is no gimmicky novelty act. With ingenious deployment of a loop pedal in the live setting, his fingers conjure beautiful piano figures, then as they are sustained by the loop pedal, he switches to saxophone to add further melodies and harmonies – the result, a rich and satisfying, sophisticated musical experience. It’s very clever and fascinating to watch. His music is a delightful and playful experience, so settle back in your seat and prepare to be spellbound by David’s universe of music!

Tickets: £10

Further information:

Box Office: 0333 666 3366

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