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Crail Food Festival - 13th & 14th June

Our 10th Anniversary

Crail Food Festival Committee look forward to welcoming you all to our 2020 Festival, our 10th time in Crail. As with last year, the Festival will be free and primarily based at the Community Hall, Beechwalk Park and the Kirk Hall. This year we are creating a Crail Food Trail, linking the main venues to the Harbour, via High Street. This should tempt our customers to seek out the other pleasures of our village as well as seeing some of our lovely buildings. Some events in the Harbour are also being considered.

We will have an emphasis on local, sustainable produce, brought to you in as sustainable a way as we can. There will be the usual food stalls, chefs’ demonstrations, street food vendors and a sumptuous taster menu dinner on the Saturday evening. This year we will be able to use a much bigger part of Beechwalk Park, so more room to picnic there.

The Committee look forward to welcoming you to our event in Crail in 2020.

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