Crail Community Hall - Transfer

Crail Community Partnership (CCP) are very pleased to inform you that Fife Council have agreed that CCP can take on ownership of Crail Community Hall. 

Of course, we have a few more hurdles to jump over. The next is the Scottish Land Fund application for funding of the purchase of the hall, the legal fees and some revenue income towards employing someone to develop hall activity. The Scottish Land Fund decision making is in August, so we should know where we stand by late August. Subsequent to that there will be a legal process to complete the actual transfer. It is probably best to think of community ownership in early 2021. 

We will hold an initial (virtual) meeting of the CCH management team in the next couple of weeks, as we have quite an agenda of topics to cover.

Regarding the 3 tracts of land at Bow Butts, Pinkerton and South Kilminning, the decision will not be taken by Fife Council until their August meeting. 

Stay Safe

Crail Community Partnership

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