Crail - Community Asset Transfers

Firstly, we would like to thank the many people (more than 50) that wrote letters of support to Fife Council for the proposed asset transfer of the Fife Council land at Bow Butts, Pinkerton Triangle and South Kilminning (including the Nature Reserve). There were no objections submitted during this Public Consultation phase. These requests will now be reviewed by Fife Council Assets Committee at a meeting on the 21st May. 

Secondly, we would like to confirm that we are now into a second process for Community Asset Transfer, this time for the Crail Community Hall, which is currently owned by Fife Council. The prior letters of support for transfer of the 3 pieces of land do not apply to this process. So, we have to do it all again, and even greater levels of support is desirable. This consultation phase ends on the 11th May. This request will also be reviewed by the Fife Council Assets Committee at a meeting on the 21st May. 

A draft letter of support is available at

Or if you would like the draft letter of support emailed to you please send an email to Crail Community Partnership

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