Covid19 tests are free. Beware of scammers.

Covid19 tests are free. Beware of scammers telling you otherwise. If the Test and Protect Team contact you because you or someone you know has tested positive for Covid19, they won’t ever ask you for payment or bank details. We’ve heard of a number of scams where people are calling up to say that you need to take a test for Covid19. A genuine Contact Tracer will NOT: - Ask for personal information such as bank details or medical records - Try to sell you anything or ask for payment of any kind - Tell you the identity of the person who is infected - Ask you to go online to download something by clicking on a link - Ask you to set up a pin number - Ask for social media login details - Ask for remote access to your computer

Report potential contact tracing scams to Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 800 9060 or For more details on how to keep yourself, and those you care about, safe visit

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