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Bruadar Duo - Flute & Guitar Concert

Sunday, 8 October 2023 - 3 pm

Crail Community Hall

A Sunday afternoon of beautifully crafted and delivered flute and guitar music. Together as Bruadar Duo, McCrossan and Fraser have played across Scotland in some of the most beautiful venues in the country. Whilst enjoying the core repertoire, the duo have a major interest in contemporary music, and are now having music written for them by established Scottish composers as well as composing and arranging music themselves.

All the works are played as a duo.

Romanian Folk Dances

The Bartok Dances are based on folk tunes that he collected while on his travels around the Transilvanian region of Romania that he witnessed people dance to. There is a good mix of evocative and beautiful movements alongside the fast paced and punchy.

I. Jocul cu bata

II. Braul

III. Pe loc

IV. Buciumeana

V. Poarga romaneasca

VI. Manuntelul

- Béla Bartók (1881 - 1945)

Welsh Folksongs

The Welsh Folksongs are arrangements by Stephen Goss of well known Welsh folk tunes. He first wrote them for guitar duo, later for voice and guitar and then for melodic instrument and guitar. They are a mix of elegance, peace and joy.

I. David of the White Rock

II. As I Went with Tom to Tywyn

III. Lullaby

IV. White Rose of Summer

V. Fair Lisa

VI. Hunting the Hare

- Arr. Stephen Goss (B. 1964)

Suite III by Di Marino is very influenced by South America while he himself is Italian. The suite is comprised of two dances, a Milonga and Tango, with a small guitar Interlude as the second movements, finishing with am upbeat and joyful Humoresque.

Suite III:

I. Milonga

II. Interlude

III. Tango

IV. Humoresque

- Roberto Di Marino (B. 1956)

Two Hearts Beating was written by Kieran's former lecturer, Scottish composer, Kenneth Dempster (B. 1962). The work is based on the text of Robert Browning's poem, 'Meeting at Night' describing Browning's physical journey over a striking natural environment to meet with Elizabeth Barrett. It begins with him sailing during a night when the moon barely gives any light to see. He eventually lands on a beach and continues to walk across the coast until he reaches a farmhouse. After tapping on the window, his lover lights a match and the two finally greet each other. The two were very much in love, though had to meet in secret as Barret's father was very much against the match. The music encompasses the intense and passionate love they felt for one another, as well as their longing to be together.

Passing Seasons was written by Scottish composer Edward McGuire. The work is very much influenced by his love of Scottish folk music in its character, but is very musically intense. There are flares of rhythmic battles, poignancy and tranquility.

I. Summer Murmur

II. Autumn Leaves

III. Winter Thoughts

IV. Spring Awakening

- Eddie McGuire (B. 1948)

Rhapsody for Trombone arr. Flute and Guitar

Rhapsody for Trombone was written by Scottish composer Bruce Fraser (1947 - 2017). We have arranged the work for flute and guitar which we have found to work brilliantly. The work is filled with soaring flute melodies underpinned by the rhythmic impetus of the guitar.

Kieran McCrossan is a classical guitarist based in Edinburgh and Fife, and is a recent graduate of the BMus at Edinburgh Napier University, studying under one of Scotland's foremost classical guitarists and composers, Simon Thacker. With a major interest in contemporary music, McCrossan is currently working on a project with established composers of Napier, who are writing new solo and chamber works for him. McCrossan hopes to take this new programme of works on tour as well as having them recorded as an album later next year.

Lynn Fraser is a music teacher (Falkirk Council), and also teaches privately. As a freelance musician, Fraser has worked for several Scottish Arts organisations, including Scottish Opera Education Department, National Youth Choir of Scotland, Youth Music Initiative and the UK Theatre School. Fraser studied music in Glasgow, with Rosemary Elliot and Sheena Gordon. Since then she has had lessons with many well respected flautists. Recent masterclasses have been with Ruth Morley, Ian Clarke and Wissam Boustany.

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